The Penitence of Nasooh The Story of Maulvi Nazir Ahmad in His Words and Mine

  • The Penitence of Nasooh The Story of Maulvi Nazir Ahmad in His Words and Mine
  • Year: 2008
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The first book is a translation of the Urdu classic �Taubatun Nasooh�. The writer, Nazir Ahmed, was the author of the first Urdu novel, Mirat ul Uroos. Nazir Ahmad wrote The Penitence of Nasooh a few years later.. Education and religious belief are his two main concerns, around which the plot is woven. Nasooh is born again through a dream he has during a serious illness. As he recovers he thinks about reforming his family, whose morals and education he had neglected, and who had become worldly and undisciplined as a result. Nasooh has an immediate success with his wife and easily reforms the younger children as well. However, his eldest daughter, Naeemah, and his eldest son Kaleem are too set in their ways to afford him an easy ride. Kaleem, a poet, and the most colourful and interesting character in the book, rebels, and defy�s his father as long as he can, until he comes home to die. Nazir Ahmed has a sense of humour, and has created a brilliant sketch of a contemporary dandy in Mirza Zahirdar Beg. While other characters in the book, with the exception of Kaleem, cannot be called gripping, they never say a word that is out of character. The Penitence of Nasooh, which won an award from the then British government of India, is recognized as a classic of Urdu Literature.


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