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Combating Terrorism Saudi Arabia's Role in the War on Terror

Combating Terrorism Saudi Arabia's Role in the War on Terror
Year: 2009
Price: USD 25.00
The book describes the efforts made by the Government of Saudi Arabia to combat terrorism with specific reference to the innovative threepronged strategy that has been successfully implemented in the Kingdom. The author traces the problems around defining terrorism, highlighting the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter, and goes on to a functional definition. He also discusses terrorism in practice and highlights its purposes and goals, defines it in its historical perspective, and concludes with terrorism practised in the name of religion. The Islamic perspective is examined, outlining the abhorrence that Islam has for terrorist practices, the real meaning of jihad and the Islamic tradition of peaceful co-existence. The author elaborates on the root causes of terrorism with specific stress on the grievances of Muslims throughout the world.


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